Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red+Ma : Blood Concept @ Antonioli

Red+Ma is the brand new fragrance by Blood Concept, created by Antoine Lie, the nose behind Hydrogen and Oxygen by Nu_Be, 8 88  and Daphne by Comme des Garcons, Armani code, Kenzo Parfum d'ete, Paul Smith London Men and a lot of Etat Libre d'Orange in particular Secretions Magnifiques and many others. This fragrance was presented at Fragranze 10, the perfume fair in Florence, and I tried it, but late and my nose started behing a little upset. Tonight, Giovanni and Antonio, the creatives behind Blood Concept, presented their last fragrance in Milan @ Antonioli Store. The inspiration comes from a combination of fluids, milk and blood, that don't mix together, but they set a thin line between one and the other one: a game of contrasts. It is provocative and luxurious, yet genuine as a faded smile of a child. It expresses a mystery of blood behind a religious image. A primitive jus that plays with the contrast of metallic and creamy notes. The metallic notes floating a creamy opening slowly fade into some kind of cold spice, like anise, coumarin, still surrounded by a milky cape. The dry down is a fresh creamy round base that calms this silent battle between elements. After a couple of hours it turns into a tropical scent that reminds me of Australian Gold sunscreen, in a soft and pleasant way, while the opening is a little too dramatic and sharp for my personal taste.

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  1. Wow this is wild! The idea of Milk and Blood, I see a nurturing side to both and a need for things like blood in our system and be the life force and with milk its rich in nutrients and together its something very intriguing when presented as a concept for a fragrance. I'm intrigued!