Sunday, September 23, 2012

London Design Week: Heatherwick Studio

Wow! Um... Yap definitely glad I moved to London in time for London design week! I'm thrilled to have just visited the Heatherwick studio: Designing the extraordinary exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. The museum alone is worth visiting, the marble walls and high open ceilings was really quite something... But what really made me excited was the exhibition of Heatherwick studio. This is a London based design studio founded by Thomas Heatherwick one of the greatest innovators of our era.  Heatherwick is an english designer whose studio is known for newfangled (just picked up this new word haha) use of engineering and materials in public monuments and scultures.  His works are incredible to see along with the displayed thought process and the steps in each piece.  It's great to see how a finished product comes to be and the steps that lead up to its perfection.  I left buzzing with creativity and a greater appreciation for the ones who push the preconseved expectations of what a space, a form, a material is and what it can become.   
Spun chairs

Folding bridge
B of the Bang

East Beach Cafe
Spun chairs (these are so fun to sit in)


hairy building!  SO FLIPPING COOL!

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