Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The tide is high is Venice! A day Adventure!

You would have loved it! I went to Venice for a day adventure because I had a day off at university and I want to check it out with high tide! Lovely! I wasn't expecting that it would have been that high: reason way I had to buy a pair of galosh. Then I went to 'Punta delle Dogana' a contemporary art museum, really beautiful and it had been recostructed not long ago by Tadao Ando. Nice exposition of pieces of a collector: Francois Pinault.


  1. Wild! How crazy is that?! I love how you call the rubber boots galosh! You Italians ;) I am loving the art gallery, its so intreging! Whats the deal with the box? Is that just a 'case' for the room or is what a window? How does the city keep up with the hightides?

  2. The 'box' is part of the structure that hold the top floor and from the window on the left you can see the main floor. Inside that 'box' the walls were made with this kind of concrete you can see in the picture and there were hung three huge paintings, and one was really beautiful actually...I'll look for it and I post it.
    The city keeps going my friend! Not all Venice is wet... and where it is they put higher paths. Other than that most of the life and transports are by boat!