Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ys-Uzac: Métaboles

I already wrote about this niche brand a couple of weeks ago (read here): overall, I love everything about this brand: concept, perfumes, packaging...inspiring, refreshing and extremely elegant, yet creative and fun. Last time I wrote about Pohadka, which I really appreciated on paper strips, but it just did not smell as good on my skin. Yesterday, I finally had some time to go to one of my favorites perfume stores in Milan, Profumo, and I got a sample of Métaboles and I think I just fell in love with it. 
This green fresh spicy perfume for men, but also loved by women, is, as the editor sais: ''For a casual chic style or a dazzling glamour, Metaboles will guarantee a standout statement after dark!'' I agree with this statement: as I first smelled it in the store I just said: ''Wow, this is super elegant!'' Then, I tried it on the skin and I discovered a lovely luminous, minty-refreshing perfume: a  refrain of geranium and tomato leafs characterized by a unique spicy licorice. The opening is full of enthusiasm and the dry down is passionate and lovely: white woods, musk and amber make it turn into a clean, yet seducing perfume. The paradox between the notes and the evolution of this fragrance is clear, but perfectly dosed. A perfume for expressionists, sais Vincent Micotti, the perfumer behind Ys-Uzac, bold and fragile: an expressive perfume that takes into and adventure into awakened emotions.
I love the paradox of this perfume: it makes the ''super elegant'' splashy springy opening turn into a  sensual, clean, soft and gentle perfume. I wouldn't even talk about this perfume if it wouldn't change this much: the opening is great, but I would get bored of it. Well, before getting bored, still excited by the opening, I found myself surrounded by a complete different mood that just makes me want to enjoy the night and smell seductive, gentle and with a fun spirit. I think this is an outstanding example of artistic perfumery that I would totally share with my friends. Straight forward and exciting within its paradoxes: I think this a perfume for people who love life.
Wow, this is what I love about perfumes: when I am just so excited that I cannot even find the right words to describe such emotions. Great job.

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  1. I want to smell it! This sounds amazing! i love a perfume that takes you on an adventure and keeps you smelling your pulse points to see whats next!