Friday, November 19, 2010

whatcha reading?

I was browsing for a magazine to leaf through over the weekend and skipping my usual finds i thought to expand my picks and go for something new.  So with this weekly montra of trying something new i grabbed a copy of The Monocle.   A clever magazine with issues relating to global matters, design, and culture!  Its devided into ABCDE affairs, business, culture, design and edits!


  1. Yeah! I love it! the graphics are beautiful and the layout is neat! The other day I was readying an articol that was kind of agaist the monocle because there are too many written parts, too long to read and it called it a Mook (magazine + book)...I think that it is not too bad. I admit I don't read that much, but for those who actually want to know more and go deep, I think is a good way!
    Well, lucky choice!

  2. Im totally that way but i like the Monocle cause it has perfect length articles that i can read on the bus or lay in bed and read a length article! Love it! new favourite magazine! fuck we should have a magazine!

  3. ahah that would be awesome, but maybe we need followers before printing out a mag! Let's work it out!