Friday, January 25, 2013

Jovoy Paris - L'enfant Terrible

I've been craving and hunting for a new scent!  With all of Andreas wonderful posts about the perfumers around the world I wanted to smell them all so much!  So I began following my nose.  

I began my olfactory adventure in Bloom perfume shop just off spitafields.  I first tried the blood concept perfumes.  I have been very intrigued with this composition of 4 extremely unique fragrance.  I loved them all but I think the idea of them all together telling a story was what appeal to me.  These perfumes trace the evolution of time through the blood line.  Next I smelt a woodsy masculine one but this is something I always lean towards and I was looking for something that was more me now!  I'm in a really confident place right now and I'm feeling really strong and I find I tend to go for a sent that is very rich and bold that introduces me first, Im looking for something a little more subtly with a complexity that is intriguing.  They specialize in finding niche perfumes!  I smelt Jovoy's L'enfant Terrible  and knew it was my scent (for now at always changes!).  Its a spicy sweet smell that at first is strong but then fades into this warm evolving scent of cedar and orange blossom.  Here is the perfumers description... and why I love it! 

L'Enfant Terrible
In France an "enfant terrible" is a rebellious person that stands up to the establishment … but who is often endearing. It is a term we give to some of our favorite mavericks- artists, musicians, actors, who push the boundaries, yet are always seductive with a distinct attitude that separates him/her from the masses. It is an ode to the woods, fruits and spices that grab your senses, and does not let go of your senses. The opening is reminiscent of the famous “Feminitie de Bois" by Serge Lutens. As the fragrance develops it becomes more gourmandise – a spicy ‘jam’

Notes: nutmeg, coriander, cumin, sandalwood, cedar, orange, date
Perfumer: Jacques Flori 


  1. That's awesome! I took a break from perfumes and I am happy because I got back to a more subjective judgement. I smelled all the perfumes I bought in the last few month and I'm happy I still like them all, but I appreciated them in a different way. I don't know Jovoy's perfumes! I mean, I heard and read a lot about them, but they are not easy to find here in Milan...I'm so curious about your new purchase. Take it to Copenhagen!

  2. Bloom is a real gem, just came back from a blissful session of perfume sampling...L'enfant Terrible joined me back home as a sample...I must say I was impressed of Jovoy!