Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perfumery Tools' website is online!

Perfumery Tools is my Master degree's thesis in Product Design for Innovation, and I already talked about it in a previous post
I finally decided to launch a website where I'll be posting news about my research, extracts of my thesis, new products and future collaborations. I don't like to call it a blog, neither a portfolio, but a database of useful informations about the world of perfumery and its perception, a view on this complex market which has changed so much in the last century. Perfumery Tool's website can be seen as an Awareness Design page on the world of fragrances.

Awareness Design:
''Like many design fields, the focus would be on behavior. The approach would be on ‘shaping digital and social tools that increase people’s awareness of themselves, their environments and systems.’ (so, expanding people’s capacity for self-awareness and systems-awareness).
The idea is to satisfy people’s needs and desires within a context of deep self-knowledge as well as a living systems perspective. By creating more awareness in one’s inner world, people would become aware of a larger range of options in how to respond to situations and make decisions. By creating more awareness to the outer world, people would gain a more thorough understanding of the impacts of their choices and behaviors on themselves and the world at large. These feedback loops would encourage more creative and empowered behavior.'' (emergent by design)

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