Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bob Sdrunk

''I was born in the shade of the “big-dome”, from a very beautiful italian “mamma'' and from a not-so-handsome but very good father… australian.The fusion of my 2 souls, the latin and the british one… gave me a 360° wide culture. I studied in Roma, via di Ripetta, at the “Accademia di Belle Arti”, where I could learn the evolution of the style between the centuries.
With this cultural background I went into the fashion world, going through different experiences, always getting fashinated by little accessories, in particular for shoes and pouches.
During my “Maison” experiences, I’ve always appreciated the style and the tecnique eyeglasses were designed and created with… so I tried to make this culture mine.
During my New York days, I’ve been struck by a fantastic vintage shop in Tribeca, thunderstruck by an infinite display of eyeglasses from different ages, from the beginning of the century to our days.
The exact same night I started to design my own eyeglasses collection: the soul of my collection is split into 2 parts… for one part I saw the eyeglasses through the “vintage” style, that in my opinion is the sum of a sofism.
I’ve searched for other age materials in order to re-create a retrò style.
I’ve had the pleasure to manufacture these eyeglasses in Italy with the wise hands of Master eyeglass-makers, who were able to express themselves at their best of their experience.
For the second part I just thought one word, “easy”, and everything goes around this simple word.''
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