Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tyler Brûlé

A recent article in The New York Times introduced me to the founder of Wallpaper (now sold) and Monocle Magazine Tyler Brûlé.  "By 33 this man has earned himself a lifetime achievement award from the British Society of Magazine Editors for Wallpaper, created Wink Media (now Winkreative), a branding and advertising agency and created Monocle a magazine that is now considered a status symbol and coveted accessory.  He travels more than 250 days a year, maintains an apartment in London, a winter flat in St. Moritz and a summer house on a tiny island he owns in the Stockholm Archipelago with his longtime partner, Mats Klingberg( trunk clothier).  It's more than a throwaway periodical, Monocle is a status symbol, a prop poking out of a Jack Spade carry-on, announcing to the saps in the back of the plane that you’re a member of the international aesthete class."  As much as I really don't believe in the idea of status I believe in great design and loving what you do and for  Tyler Brûlé he is exactly that.   How you'd picture him and his life style is what Monocle magazine brings out in the context.  It's his lifestyle of travel and discover of places around the world that for people like me.... as the new york times described "the sap in the back of the plane" prompt me to buy a ticket somewhere in hopes of seeing some new place that never came into my thoughts until a glimpse in the magazine.  read more here article  

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