Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stacking Vessel by Pia Wustenberg

Pia Wustenberg was born in Germany in 1986 and  at the age of 15 she moved to England for her final school years, followed by a foundation degree in Glass, Ceramic and Metal Design. This was followed by three years studying Furniture Design and Craftsmanship. In 2008 Pia graduated having spend her final year focused on wood construction in combination with other materials (ceramic, glass, leather). Pia did her postgraduate studies in Design Products at the Royal College of Arts, continuing her research into craft and materials in contemporary culture. London based, Piadesign, began new working collaborations with international clients and brands. In 2011 Pia set up her own company ‘Utopia & Utility’ for the promotion and production of her crafted designs.
Stacking Vessels is a series of functional sculptures for the home. Each Vessel consists of three individual containers. Each part is made from a different materials using craft processes. The hot glass is the connecting part between the ceramic and wood.

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