Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taeko: a real japanese restaurant at ''Le marché des enfants rouges''

Hidden in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris, between Temple and Boulevard Beaumarchais, there is a covered market: Le marché des enfants rouges (Red children's market). Built in 1615, it supplied the close Marais. The neighbours decided this name in memory of the orphans who lived in the orphanage of the close square that used to wear red clothes as a sign of charity. In 1982 became an historical monument for Paris.
The market in a meltin' pot of cultures and you can have italian, lebanese, french, moroccan and japanese food. We went for japanese food because some friends told us it is one of the best in town. Such a lovely place where to have lunch, relaxed in the shade of the market and surrounded by smells from all over the world. I would definitely suggest to there, because you can actually taste a unique japanese cuisine: simple, tasty and delicious. 

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