Monday, September 17, 2012

Lorenzo Villoresi's in-house shop

While visiting Florence, I couldn't not visit Lorenzo Villoresi atelier, which happens to be also his house and there also little shop (which you can see from the picture. For anyone interested you can visit it at Via dei Bardi, 12, and do not hesitate to ring the bell, you'll be welcomed to reach the top floor of the building and delve into this unique experience. I think I have never such breathtaking atelier: evokes stories, passion and travels. Perfume can be smelled from outside the entrance door. I took advantage of this moment to try three different perfumes: Alamut, a floral oriental woody scent, Iperborea, a nice feminine floral composition and Piper Nigrum, a dry and spicy discover that can seduce men and women. 

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