Thursday, September 27, 2012

Histoires de parfums: Olympia & Veni Vidi Vici

Histoires de Parfums goes to White fair and presents in Milan its news: Olympia, Veni, Vidi and Vici. The aim of this brand is researching new smells, out of the common paths. The choice of Histoires de Parfums is a matter of jus: every creation tells a different story, they like to call it olfactory library, and people can find, in some particular of them, similarities with their personal stories. If everything started taking inspiration from famous personalities of the past, such as Casanova, Verne, de Sade, Gérald Ghislain, the founder and nose of the brand, this year presents Olympia, the famous red-velvet-covered music hall in Paris, and Veni, Vidi, Vici, (I came, I saw, I won, in Latin) a triplet that takes inspiration from  Ceasar's famous mot. Veni, the unknow land, Vidi, the wind, the vision over the sea and over the mountains, Vici, the fire, the power, the passion and the expertise. All of them are a interpretation of the Cardamom: Veni, is the representation of a stormy travel in lavender, galbanum that reaches an island with its smells of cinnamon, woods, carnation flowers, saffron, vanilla and patchouli. Vidi, is a clear vision between love and hate, rose and saffron which enrich the spirit, ambergris and immortelle that make us relax. Vici, is a battle of the senses and of the notes: osmanthus, musk and patchouli open the fight, a short respite of incense with the sparkles of iris,  which finally rest is a sweet base of cedar wood, vanilla and raspberry. 
Olympia, which is going to have a one weed ads on front of the actual theatre, is the mix of exciting feelings when the lights turn on, time seems to stop, the emotions rises and the first notes surround the hall in a unique, magical istant. This is beautiful feminine floral perfume that makes  the earth beat fast, with the opening of citruses, black pepper and saffron, wich delves into hypnotic refrains of incense and patchouli. The opening is absolutely fascinating, bright and exciting, and the dry down is elegant and spicy. I have it on my wrist and I just can't stop smelling it with closed eyes: I love to be captured by this outstanding vision of a Parisian night full of emotions, expectations, beautiful people, red seats and then, the show begins: 'Welcome to the Olympia Music Hall'.


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  2. Hey, thank you! These were taken at the last White Fashion Fair in Milan, which is also on this weekend. Their smelling cones are amazing, they deserved to be shoot