Sunday, March 4, 2012

scatter brain weekend

For the last week I've been taking care of my friends kids while she is away and so over the weekend once the kiddies were tucked into their beds I de-stressed with some full fat yogurt and tumblr. Pure Joy!  You'll have to forgive my scattered blog post but I was really in love with these photos and had to share them.  I do not know the sources but I was really struck by them and for some reason I was compelled to stop and take it all in...then repost it.  That jewel box cabin is a great mix of old brick and modern glass.  I got this emotional rush when I saw the cabinet, so rich and raw! The chair in the second image is really intriguing.  And those bedside mirrors are simply marvellous! Hope you enjoyed your weekend looking forward to seeing you in less then a week!

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