Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ingo Maurer

Bang Boom Zettel’z*, Ingo Maurer 2010

Five Pack, Axel Schmid 2007

Manifold, Axel Schmid 2011

Ingo Maurer is a famous german light designer. I only knew a couple of his lamps and I found them really nice, but I never knew he was actually an entrepeneur and he has his own brand. I had a look at the catalogue and I found it extremely fascinating. All the lamps are highly narrative and poetic. They are different and it is not easy to think of them in a normal house, but they are really inspiring. We are so used to lamps shapes that sometimes it is hard to imagine how to make them different, but still elegant and cool. Well, I think he is a visionary person and I love how he keeps his production, together with his team and other designers, different from the average contemporary lamps production. I wanna keep an eye on Axel Schmid. The Five Pack lamp is simple, functional and it has something that makes me wanna have it so bad! Great design!
I have been involved in a research about the use of LEDs and how they have changed lamps shapes. I'll make a short list of my best discovers!
See you soon in London!

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  1. Andrea! This is amazing! I love the 5 pack lamp. There is so much personality and character in Ingo Maurers lights. I really like how you can play with them and change them around makes them more personal. Awesome!