Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monocle Cafe

Finally getting back into the swing of Spring after a long over stay winter I am excited by all the new exciting things this season has brought to London.  Neons are everywhere, Andrea has moved to jolly ole England and Monocle Cafe has opened!  I have to say this season is getting better and better and warmer and warmer.  

Andrea and I were so excited to check out the highly anticipated Monocle Cafe on tuesday.   A week in and this cafe is perfect in every respect.  I'm a sucker for a great coffee cup and Monocle of course had every detail down to a T, mugs from Hasami, furniture from Turck of Oskaa and lamps from Manufactum.  The presentation and layout was immaculate with a focus on a simple design, a strong emphasis on coffee (Allpress coffee to boot) and with dated magazine which lined the walls it was a total monocle fan base.  This seemed like a place to sit for a coffee and eat up a monocle mag and perhaps start a conversation with the lovely staff who look like they are from the Monocle magazine.   I might call this place our new spot! With the sunshine in the afternoon outside its a perfect place to meet up and enjoy a coffee (ice box hasn't arrived but with the promise of summer ice coffees would be ideal).  Oh and bonus I just found out there is a meeting room available to subscribers! 

18 Chiltern Street London Café W1U 7QA

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