Thursday, April 4, 2013

ELd'O - Like This & The Afternoon of a Faun

When you are at Esxence and you can try all the perfumes you wish, you feel like you want to retry them all, strictly on paper! As usual, because you can't really try them all, I usually focus on a couple of brands I don't know or I miss a big part of the collection and then I walk around spotting single perfumes around the fair. This what happened with Etat Libre d'Orange: I just went for Like This and The afternoon of a faun... and I had a quick smell to the fantastic Fat Electrician.

Like Thisinspired by Tilda Swinton, is a lovely, cozy and luminous perfume. I really liked this perfume. I think it is a quite easy-to-wear perfume, but I find it feminine, nice and it smells good. The opening is a mix of ginger and orange which slowly leaves the place to the pumpkin accord with an immortelle and incense base which give to it a darker and mysterious side to the luminous opening. Great! I really like the drydown which is dry and clean and the vetiver here, for its dryness, reminds me a little of Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company, but with an interesting incense, still flowery, note. And, I have to say that on the mouillette the drydown turns into something totally unisex. I think this is a really delicate, still sensual perfume, one of those perfumes that someone could use every day. 

The afternoon of a faun is a nice perfume, but it doesn't have the WOW factor. It has a sort of vintage vibe: it is feminine and it reminds me of an old house. It is a spicy, floral resinous scent with a strong bergamote, immortelle kind of dark opening, all followed by orris root, pepper, moss and a little leather and incense: notes which have a long longevity together with the orris root. The drydown is a little smoky sweetened by the flowery notes. It reminds me of an unlit fireplace in a cold stone house on the mountains. Around the fireplace there are some dry flowers and it the air has that typical smell of a house which have been closed during the summer season.

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