Friday, July 8, 2011

The Pop Cooperative

Ta Da! Here is a project that Jessica, Katie and myself have been working on for the last couple months! It all began a couple months ago when we went for beers at 6 acres and came up with the idea of doing a cooperative space that questions what it means to be a retail space.  This space has developed into a cafe, retail and venue space, a grounding space for like minded individuals to gather, share ideas and enjoy discussion over popsicles.  Together the furniture and lighting was built from found woods, supplies (crab trap, tripods) and made into something new! Our shop revolves around a quote that we really felt defined what we were going for: Its hard to be mad when there is so much beauty in the world.  Here are a couple pictures I thought you'd enjoy and I would love your feed back on what you think of our space.  Its a temporary 'pop-up shop' which means we get it for a month only and then it vanishes.  So its a great  way to test out our concept and see the reaction from people.  Wish you were in Vancouver to come visit! 


  1. It looks absolutely awesome! First, I love the concept of the popcoop. And then, look at that! I love the lights, the window-tables hanging from the ceiling and that low wooden sofa! I wisk I was there Tay...really, and if it ever happens that you think about doing it again in the next years it would be a great pleasure to come and help! The crab traps lamps are beautiful

  2. Jessy Ru did the crab trap lights! I would love to open a pop-up shop with you at some point! Can you imagine! All the things we love in a popup space in Milan, or Vancouver! :) OH I miss you! I think about you alot lately as I am in this creative point. You always seem to be in the back of my mind and I constantly ask myself what would Andrea think? I need to keep inspired and absorb this experience in its entirety.