Monday, March 25, 2013

Humiecki & Graef

Esxence, the niche perfume fair in Milan, has just finished and I had the pleasure to try some new fragrances and discover some companies I never had the chance to smell. So many perfumes, so I'll go slowly posting about them, but I would like to concentrate my impressions on the ones that I liked the most or that impressed me the most during the fair. I'll probably miss or skip some of them because I only got a mouillette and even if I wrote something for each mouillette I kept I am afraid that the perfume has changed too much from yesterday. 

I would like to start with Humiecki & Graef, a german company, which throughout their scents they want to represent common emotions, which we don't talk about much.
Here the 3 fragrances I liked the most, but I didn't try them all...

Geste - Inspired by a woman’s ardent love for a much younger man.

I really liked Geste.
It is an Ambery Violet perfume with resinous and flowery verve. Minimalist and modern. A comfortable, casual dress with an interesting cut: something between Céline and Christophe Lemaire. It's really interesting how the amber is used: it is not rough and round, but soft, refreshing which supports the violets with a nice uplifting resinous base.  The overall is a clean, elegant and easy to wear. I like the balance between creamy notes and dry notes that become more interesting after a bit. Feminine, but I would give it a try, to smell how develops on man's skin.

Bosque -
Inspired by the inimitable feeling of being at one with the moment.

I was not surprised by Bosque, but I liked it because it reminded me of some nice moments in Canada.
I liked the cozy, soft and elegant interpretation of Narcissus and Vetiver. It reminded me of a shy, but tender person, or baby lotions or something to cuddle. I think this is a nice perfume to use after a relaxing shower in the afternoon, maybe in the summertime. The grapefruit and green opening soon turns into something lovely and gentle. After a bit, though, it reminds me a bit of the smell of the locker room in my gym... a mix of deodorants and sour masculine corporeal odors, but not totally in a bad way! I would love to try it on the skin this one! Seems that it could have an interesting evolution and could be a perfect summer scent.

Skarb - Inspired by the deep Slavic soul.

I have a sample of Skarb, so I'll be more precise. I find the opening of this perfume really refreshing, slightly watery which soon turns into a dryer and dirty incense, with woodsy and green notes, still watery with artificial hints. Chamomile is quite evident and helps to smooth the rough verve and to give ''quietness''.
I would say that it is not an easy to wear incense and some might not love it. There is also something metallic coming up after about 20 minutes , which make the incense go really far from the common church incense. 
It doesn't remind me anything in particular at this moment... I don't know how to link the incense, with watery herbaceous metallic notes, with that artificial note...
Update: After about an hour, on my skin, the metallic notes fade away and I really like it. I like this fresh incense with herbaceous base!

Below, the wonderful bottles in hand made ceramic which are a limited edition of 125 bottles each. In the bottles there are 4 of the scents of the regular collection.

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