Thursday, February 7, 2013

Talking about drawing: look what I found!

So, I'm back home and while writing my resume and putting together my portfolio I clean up the house. By cleaning up, I mean a big clean up. I'm cleaning every single drawer, tiding up and throwing away old unused stuff and ... look what I found! On a shelf in my bedroom I have my sketchbooks and I don't go through them really often and let me say it, cleaning up is ok, but it is nice to remember where some stuff come from. I came across Ms Wong's class sketchbook and I found some of my drawings. Most of them are blurred because there's no fix spray on the pencil's drawings...too bad. There are just a couple which are ok and I am still impressed by this one. Ok, it was drawn by a picture, which makes things really easier, but still! I don't think I still have this hand. 
Do you keep some great drawings of yours? I bet you still have some! 
How cool was your drawing which was hanging on the living room wall in your house downtown Van? I know you don't have it anymore, but, do you have a picture? I should go back to that picture's folder. I sure have a picture of my taco bed! ahaha

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