Thursday, February 7, 2013

Curiousa & Curiousa

I am fascinated by glass blowing and that's what I would like to learn more about in the next few months. Most of the studios which I want to apply for work with glass and I'm thrilled to know more about it! 
Curiousa & Curiousa produce hand-blown glass lamps which I find really appealing! The collection above is one style of seven in the range of pendant lamps designed by Esther Patterson which come is different colors too.
Curiousa & Curiousa also makes nice wallpapers and furniture which you should check out on its website

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  1. On Granville Island in Vancouver there is a glass blowing building and my dad would walk us down there and we would press our faces to the glass window and watch them make the sculptures and bowls and what not! It's always been super interesting the idea of melting sand and turning into something really amazing!