Friday, February 15, 2013

Frederike Top - Poetic light

Frederike Top is a young dutch designer who won several prizes and collaborates with nice young brands such as darknewduivendrechtzuiver and presenttime. I got to know her throughout her Flown Up lamp, but looking at her website I had been intrigued by these two lamps. There is a sort of poetry that fascinates me. The first one, One_Two light, has 2 bulbs, with different energy needs. With this lamp it is possible to save energy, by using just the amount of light needed: softer or brighter. The second lamp, Parabolic, is a study on paraboloids, from a 3D digital shape, to a 3D real shape given by gilded chains. The result is another fascinating lamp, that, despite the inspiration, brings back to memory some sort of a classic chandelier, but with a modern taste. 

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