Friday, September 3, 2010

Crystals by Daniel Libeskind - MGM MIRAGE city centre

Damn it, they've done it again!  This city centre is fucking wild!  This massive urban complex in Las Vegas is a retail and entertainment centre!  Gourmet restaurants, high-end luxury fashion shops, swanky clubs, galleries Crystals is a mind boggle!  The postmodern architectural influence is really astounding and right on the ball. 

Would you find this kind of building anywhere else in the world or do you think it fitting for the Las Vegas setting?Its interesting how these kinds of structures really reflect, inspire, brighten, invite a city to really showcase a personality. 
I love architecture because it really reflects the people that surround and live in the spaces.  What kind of person if going to walk into this space... what will they be thinking.  Is this complementing the already audacious scene of las vegas.... will it go unnoticed?  How are world keeps going, baffles me!  

We keep getting bigger and better !  Design is just sky rocketing to the moon with new and shinier things.  I love this because its so wild and out there... but it also kinda intimidates me.  What's next?  I wonder if we will begin to look to suprematism ... focus on the fundamental geometric forms.  I don't think this means making boring blah buildings i think its more a notion of down playing the glitz and really being bold in the simplicity.  Im torn between the two worlds... i love this because it has that shock value and whimsical ego but  i also look to simpler things to get inspired by. 

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