Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting back into it: Life Drawing

I'm rekindling my drawing skills.  I somewhere in the last year lost my excitement for being crafty and artsy and so I slapped myself in the face a couple times and said get back to it!  And so I got myself a sketchbook, rounded up some pencils and found a figure drawing class off brick lane.  Wow... I am rusty! haha Sometimes it takes a little more times to get back into it but it felt great to start sketching again.  Reminded me about really looking at the subject not the page.  Seeing the angles and shapes first and then bringing it all together.  I'm so thrilled that I found a class on tuesday nights at this cafe (andrea we have to go here if and when you come to London! Its adorable!).  I rushed into this class at the last minute just making it after getting off work a bit later then predicted and managed to grab a seat with... somewhat of a bad angle (hello bum) but its all great and so much fun to be drawing again! 

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  1. This is great and exciting Taylor! When I arrived in Costa Rica, I found some watercolors and I told to myself the same thing:'' Andrea, this is a sign. You should get back to drawing!''. It took me a while to find the right paper... it is not easy to find in a country where art has never really taken place. Then, I stepped into a store in San Vito, a small town in the south of Costa Rica founded by some italians back in the 50s. So, when I got back home I didn't have excuses and tried to draw a beautiful bunch of bamboos. I finally drew one and it didn't ever really look that good... I should get back to realistic drawing too! Designing objects is not as drawing a real thing.... too bad!