Tuesday, December 11, 2012

World Wild Men - Free my skin now!

Call it love at first sight or just insatiable need, I just fell in love with this brand. First of all, not only the products are organic, but also World Wild Men is active in spreading and educate about the importance of using organic products and doing the best to be a sustainable brand. No tests on animals, no GMO, they avoid the use of colors and synthetic perfumes and no harmful chemicals are used for the formulation of their products. Second, this is a just-for-men skincare brand, which makes me happy because we do have our needs: shaving makes our face skin is drier and sensitive, we do have greasy skin and larger pores. Third, the commercials are hilarious! ''Peu lisse'' means ''smooth skin'', but sounds like police. And, We can always trust our lawyer (advocat=avocado), mostly when it is organic. Genius! 
Because I now feel the urge to have all their products, I'll write down wherever I can find them, and no, no, no one will stop me! 
Thank you for making my day WWM.

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