Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Discovering Kiehl's fragrances

Today, I had the pleasure to catch up with Kiehl's perfumes. First, I had a sniff of their famous Original Musk Blend N°1: a recomposition of the perfume created back in the '20s in ''Kiehl Apothecary'' in New York, also called ''Love oil'' in the '50s. It is a really clean Musk, that could remind of a soap, but, in my case, in a good and clean way. The Musk is intensive and surrounded by floral notes such as neroli, ylang ylang and rose, with a dry herbal patchouli underneath. I think this is a good fragrance for a good price, unisex and quite easy to wear. I would also suggest the oil, which smells warmer. I would be curious to smell the original one, the natural Musk must have been much more seductive. 
I then moved forward to Kiehl's new natural perfumes launched in 2012: The Aromatic blends. They are all constructed on two main notes which evoke different countries. They all smell really clean and natural, quite linear and easy to wear. Fig leaf & Sage, inspired by the Provence region,  is a refreshing green perfume: a citrusy herbal opening makes vibrate the fig leaf notes. Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit is a very bitter citrusy fragrance, gentled by a nice smooth floral verve, inspired by japanese gardens. Orange Flower & Lychee, inspired by moroccan gardens in a late afternoon, surprised me. Floral and fruity, with a sweet heart. Both orange flowers and lychee are noticeable in the opening and I really appreciated the combination. The dry down gets really feminine and still lovely. Very good longevity and average sillage. Vanilla & Cedarwood is hands down my favorite perfume of this family. Inspired by ugandan forests, this woody powdery vanilla fragrance is rich, warm and sensual. Strong vanilla, yet not as sweet as most might think, opening turns into a powdery lovely fragrance with iris and cedarwood notes. I would say it is a feminine fragrance, but I would wear it anyway, on my skin the cedarwood comes out very lovely. Good persistance and sillage, suggested for spring season. Clean, elegant, relaxing, luminous: for someone who enjoys life!
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