Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cloud by Caitlind Brown

I am so excited by this piece. Recently at Nuit Blanche Calgary, Cloud a large scale interactive installation by Caitlind Brown was presented.  Nuit Blanche is international and multi-city contemporary late night arts festival all over the world and hosts some of the most interesting interactive art works,  this year was Calgary's first year.  Cloud stuck out for me as the main highlight.  This piece is created from a rain of steel and metal pull-strings, and 5,000+ light bulbs both illuminated and burnt out.  When beneath the cloud viewer participates in the flickering aesthetic of an electric cloud by pulling at the strings to turn the lightbulbs on and off.   So great!

Check out the video! here 

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  1. Wow! this is cool! I would love to see this! Ahaha It actually looks like a stormy cloud, with pouring rain underneath!