Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ys-Uzac: elegancy with a dose of madness and extravagancy.

Ys-Uzac is the best discover I could do since I started following niche perfume brands. I got in contact with Vincent Micotti, creator and founder of Ys-Uzac, for my thesis a couple of weeks ago and he welcomed me to his corner to answer my questions. First of all, Vincent and his wife, designer of the packaging of the brand, are two of the nicest and most inspiring people I met today at the fair. 

Since he was a teenager Vincent Micotti was fascinated and inspired by perfumes and after his artistic career as a concert musician he had decided to dedicate his life to perfumes. A great passion that had the chance to become his actual job. He uses ''the color of scent to illuminate dreams, and the voice of art to carve the structure of emotion''(from website). The concept behind Ys-Uzac is Personality, Dimension and Imagination: this is the reason why each perfume has a fascinating story and the fragrance is composed with elements that narrate the story, which come out with time. Every detail is perfectly done: the paper used has a great touch, packaging and label are hand made by a vintage letterpress machine and the brand color yellow have been designed. Vincent and his wife didn't want to have a 'black and glossy' packaging, but they wanted to convey 'elegancy with a dose of madness and extravagancy' and I would also say a touch of spirit and dream. The coded yellow also resembles to the the color of silk when it's just done and the color of osmanthus conrete, which have been used in his Lale perfume...Vincent had also decided to give a suggestion, an image of the occasion when to use each perfume, which I think it helps to better understand his perfumes, such as ''High-impact elegance to illuminate a weekend escape'' (Lale). I would love to speak about all of them, but unfortunately I just have one sample, of my favourite one, and the others are beautifully described on the website. 

Pohadka, ainsi la nuit: guaranteed uniqueness for black tie events.

Pohadka is a green leather perfume that takes inspiration by the Lavaux vineyard terraces at sunset in the silence of autumn when the vines are cut and burnt. This image perfectly describes this perfume because, by smelling this perfume, it is vivid the image a quiet place, that reminds me the hills close where I was born, in autumn, when it has already rained after the dry summer and the grass is green and thick. I can see a heap of branches that are burning, but a soft wind brings in some balsamic notes, probably from the close forest. When the top notes evaporate, it becomes dark and the image focuses on the bonfire which slowly turns off with leather and tobacco notes.. On my skin, in the end, I can smell the carbon of the fire sweetened by vanilla. At the very hand of this story, the sweet and dark base notes make me think of the heat of the bonfire that slowly goes away.

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