Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scent bar

Scent bar is an actual olfactory bar in the prestigious city center of Cesena. In a detailed, modern, and comfortable space the clients are welcomed to taste the perfumes, in order to find the one that suits the best. In 2009 it's given birth to the Scent Bar collection of perfumes, that now counts a total of 14 lovely fragrances. The nose behind Scent Bar is Viola Pompili, a young talent that will soon reach great levels, which preferred not to name the perfumes, but with numbers. With a 30% of Parfum every perfume has a great personality and it is totally worth it to spray them on the skin, because they will last for a long time, and they will change with the peculiarity of each type of skin. The fil rouge that connects them is round and comfortable smell, in 14 defined and different ways. Everything started with 101, the image of a fig during an outdoor summer lunch, simple and fruity. At Fragranze the focus goes to the new release 300, woody aromatic with spices and resins with the particular twist of ginger on a patchouly base: the lovely smell of land. 
It was a such pleasure to hear the story directly from the nose, Viola. It was already the end of visit at Fragranze and my nose started behing a little upset, but I fell in love with 110, a musky oriental, and 200, woody aromatic, which go to my wish list. I totally appreciated the interpretation of the marine notes in 102: used with intelligence and fresh elegancy.

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