Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perfume bottles designers might like

Eight & Bob
This is a re-edition of a perfume from the '30 by Albert Fouquet. The story behind this perfume is funny: J.F.Kennedy smelled this perfume on Albert Fouquet during an event in Paris and he completely loved it. When he got back to the States he wrote a letter to the perfumer asking if he might have 8 bottles of perfume plus one for Bob. Eight & Bob was then named. Who arrived first with this packaging: Paper Passion or Eight & Bob?

Etat libre d'orange

Not only for the trasgressive concept and images that describe each perfume, but also for the fresh and contemporary graphic, Etat Libre d'Orange find a place in this chart. In particular Bijou Romantique, the brand new fragrance presented at Fragranze 10, a woody balmy lovely scent which reminds of a'' portrait of a lady. She can be seen in the feminine cameo, in the soft, delicate profile, in the dreamy image of an incandescent beauty. What once was shell has been carved in relief by a devoted artisan, to emerge as an idealized woman. Jewels, too...''

Blood concept

Presenting the new perfume RED+MA: the contrast between milk and blood, simple and straightforward. 

Miller et Bertaux

This is #1 (for you) / parfum trouvé : a woody floral scent found in an antique drawer. I love their concept in putting a colored pearl in it. Looks like a chemical bottle, with a molecule in it.


Alessandro Gualtieri, the nose behind Nasomatto, who lives perfumes as a play of vibrations mainly driven by emotions and creative process. These perfumes are connected to each others by their packagings which evokes their inner scent.  Each perfume founds inspiration in a drug or sex. Duro has in its jus the smell of sweat of the man while having sex, while China White takes inspiration from Opium and Black Afgano has marijuana essence in it.

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