Sunday, September 23, 2012

London Design Week: Tent London/Super Brands London

Today was the last day for London Design Week and my first thought when i woke up was Tent London!  This is one of the worlds largest design trade shows with over 200 designers showcasing there lights, furniture,  textiles, wallpaper, ceramics... and so much more it's pretty damn awesome.  This year Super Brand London teamed up with Tent London to present a rare exhibition where you can see a selection of the worlds most progressive designs!  Needless to say I had to go!   I was blown away by the shear talent of these people and the clever clever minds in the design world!  I felt like a kid in a candy shop collecting pamphlets and brochures from all these passionate individuals who collectively made the exhibition cool on an epic proportion!  Once again... I'm really glad I moved to London! Here are a couple snapshots of pieces I really loved! More to come!

Be + Have (guilia sofa)

Seer table (really clever design! watch)

Louise chair by Helene Tiedemann

The lamps at the back come flat packed and you assemble them yourself!

Kinda always loving neon pink! W & Q did a great job with these wicker chairs

Extremely attractive lights designed by an extremely attractive man!

Ipad charger! 


  1. This is awesome Tay! It must be so cool to be at the design week in London! hahah love the Venus of Cupertino.

  2. Andrea I kept saying to max " Andrea would love this", "Andrea would die for this light" ! You would have loved it! Haha max said I was in my Happy Place!