Saturday, March 22, 2014

Coriandre by Diptyque

Whenever I find myself in front of Diptyque candles, I feel a bit lost. Honestly, they have so many that I always go smell a couple of them and I move on. But, one day I was at Liberty and a really nice Italian assistant introduced me to some hidden treasures. Coriander is not one of those notes I would smell first, but it happened to be one of my favorites!  It is nothing close to a latin-american dish (whenever I smell coriander it reminds me of Costarican ''Gallo Pinto''), but it is actually a great room scent for spring days. This candle has got all the freshness of coriander mixed with peppery and green notes. It smells classy, clean and not overwhelming. It is one of those smells that makes your room smell great without smelling like a pout-pourri.
Coriandre is definetly a keeper!

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