Monday, June 4, 2012


Recently I moved back in with mother bear and as much as I love the idea of moving back home, no rent, and beach access... I am realized that it's not as easy as it seems to move back home.  After numerous years living away from the humble abode of mom's house its a bit difficult to create my space when I am living in hers.   This fact of 'nesting' you might call it, made me realize just how much I love the process of reinventing a space into my home.  I become very particular about arrangement and making sense of a space.  I strongly believe that you must love what you surround yourself with, with friends and family aside, it's about the objects that define us.  Objects that make up who we are.  I have never considered myself a materialistic individual however, when it comes to the details of my home in order for me to feel comfortable and settled I need my many things.   These things bring warmth and life into a room that was once unclaimed into a room of my own.    The remind me of the journey I have been on to invent myself and build from my chapters.  I have hung in my shower a chime  and with out knowing the context it is a chime but to me it is a gentle reminder to stay spontaneous thanks to a trip to india where I received it, these subtle objects serve there purpose and sometimes we let them go.   And to wrap it up I like being home again because it gets me exited for where I go next and what it shall become!

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