Saturday, March 3, 2012


This store is really close to one of friends house and unfortunately it is always closed when I pass in front of it, because it is after work hours. I never thought of visiting their website, I didn't know they had one, but I found one of their products in Hachette Home magazine and I finally found them on the web! I like their products, they are simple, but with spirit and good concepts. I couldn't find more informations about how they work, but I'll try to discover more and maybe try to go the store when it is open. 

''To share the pleasure, fun and interest in the latest frontiers of design and creativity emerging from the imaginations of the latest generations: Pigr promotes all this know-how and offers visibility to all the designers involved; it develops small and big projects, following through their production and marketing right up to the public presentation of constantly new collections of unusual and brand-new objects, never before marketed on the official Italian design circuit.''

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