Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miwa Yanagi

MIKA - ''My grandmothers''

''It's been over ten years since you, my former students, and I arrived on this island. Is this already the last place on earth? Are there no other survivors? Without really knowing how, somehow we survived. 
Compared to me, you will all lead long lives. And in the future, you will probably leave this island, right? You'll probably even meet members of the opposite sex and other humans as well.
Even if you was the last human on earth, I would raise you in a way that life will go on. 
I have only one wish... That somehow all the life forms that live on this island give birth to the next generation. May you all become the germinators of the world.''

Miwa Yanagi is a Japanese artist and in the grandmothers project she has asked some girls to describe how they see themselves fifty years later. Each photography has an imaginary dialog that describes the scene. I like this project because the pictures describe possible futures even if they are really realistic or not. The pictures have high exposure and it gives to the scene a dreamy mood. 
Where are you going to be in 50 years? What are going to be? 
Great project and really inspiring.

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