Thursday, February 9, 2012

Markus Kayser

I am doing a big research for my final project in university and I found this great example.
Markus Kayser uses fresnel's lens to convoy sunlight in a spot which can reach 1600°C. A layer of sand is put on a surface and when the light beam hits the sand it starts melting because of the silicium and other materials. With the support of a 3D software the light beam can move and he can actually realize 3D models just using sun and sand. I'm fascinated by these examples of design that are able to put together functionality and also social and environmental problems. This has just become one of my favorites. I wish there were more designers working like Markus does.

From Markus Kayser's website:
In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages,
 this project explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy and material occur in
 abundance. In this experiment sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce 
glass objects using a 3D printing process, that combines natural energy and material with high-tech 
production technology.Solar-sintering aims to raise questions about the future of manufacturing and 
triggers dreams of the full utilisation of the production potential of the world’s most efficient energy 
resource - the sun. Whilst not providing definitive answers, this experiment aims to provide a point of
 departure for fresh thinking.

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  1. this is incredible! The thought process and science behind this is really amazing!