Friday, January 27, 2012

Vittra Telefonplan

What do you envision as an idea work space?  Is it open and breathable?  Do you like to work in a structured walled enviroment?  My dad showed me a link from Fast Company on a new concept in work space and class rooms for children... with no walls.   "That’s right. Vittra Telefonplan, in Stockholm, was designed according to the principles of the Swedish Free School Organization Vittra, an educational consortium that doesn’t believe in classrooms or classes. So instead of endless rows of desks, it’s got neon-green “sitting islands” and whimsical picnic tables, where students and teachers gather. Instead of study hall, it has “Lunch Club,” a smattering of cafeteria-style tables on a checkerboard floor for working or eating (or both). And instead of an auditorium, it has a faceted blue amphitheatre that rises up in the middle of the school like a giant floating iceberg. The place resembles a mini amusement park, only with laptops (yes, each student gets his or her own laptop)."  Fast Company.   Im really excited by this way of thinking where children are allowed to really stretch and learn in different ways.  In highschool I had a hard time with the structure and hated being forced to stay in a classroom row on row it seemed to linear.   With the Vittra method it promotes different ways of learning--another key part of the Vittra method--such as group work, concentration work, show-and-tell, and so on.   It's interesting how each child is given a computer.   I'm in the middle between the Waldorf approach to learning where computers are removed until grade 10 and the Vittra method were they are integrated fully in the system.    It's really is hard to know if this environment is better set up to educate children but with creative minds opening up the topic of whats best for there learning Im all for it.  please read the full article here

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