Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cooking day

Lunch: Slightly fried tuna with herbs crisp topped by soy, oisters and pink peppers sauce.

Dinner: Goat cheese, spinach, olives' quiche with cooked seasoned tomato and chevre and carrots gratin.

It was such a great day between studying and cooking! I've been totally inspired by a couple of friends and, because I should be still on vacations, I decided to take some time to cook and eat some good and tasty food. I suggest you the tomato: delicious and supersimple to make. Just pick a tomato, cut it in a half, add salt, pepper and origan and then a slice of goat cheese. 20 mins in the oven and that's it! Really tasty! 
Send you tons of hugs!

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  1. yum! I want to come over to you house and have you cook me yummy dinners like this!