Monday, October 24, 2011

is it to early to begin a christmas wish list?

My heart just skipped a beat!  I recently switched over to a digital canon but something about this limited edition Black and Gold Hasselblad is getting me all giddy about film again!  This is beautiful!  This is a classic camera that is build like a cameras should be not disposable but built to last and be loved for a long time.  I've loved and lost one to many cameras due to there poor manufacturing but this I feel would stand the test of time.  Its heavy, its bold and its trimmed in gold!  It looks so handsome it could pass as my new years date. However... I might stick with my g10 as the $4400 price tag on this handsome devil is a bit to much for me to simply justify in order to rekindle my joy of film.  But its just so pretty!

The Hasselblad 500C was introduced in 1957 by the Victor Hasselblad AB, to replace the original focal plane shutter models 1600F and 1000F, which, despite the novel concept never got rid of the problems associated with the shutter. Realizing the 500C, Hasselblad decided to start almost from scratch in order to make a more reliable model. It was a major decision for the company to create a completely new camera, only keeping the physical shape of the original, while everything inside would be re invented.  The new camera, was received with scepticism. In fact It was replaced by the 500C/M (M for modified ), featuring an interchangeable focusing screen and an improved automatic back.

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