Monday, September 5, 2011

(i love stacked books and little nick nacks.  I also would die for a mint pillow case!

Over the weekend I did a little rearranging of my apartment.  I get bored easily with this space and love how one can appreciate a space when there is a little effort in tweaking it and add something fun like a new light, or framing some new shots.  September is here and it always makes me  think of new beginnings.  The children who live above me are gearing up for school which starts tomorrow and friends are leaving back to various universities.   After a long summer of laziness I am glad I jumped back into a rigorous work schedule that is giving me a feeling of back to September.  So on that note I decided to re-due the living room by placing the couch in a new direction, making some hanging lamps and painting a wall grey... or green... or orange... or black! haha Its in the process of transforming ha.  Have a great beginning of fall! (should I be saying fall yet?)  What are you beginning?

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