Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ruth Orkin

How iconic are these images, from Ruth Orkin's series An American in Italy.  Seeing these I instantly get inspired and delited by the idea of travel.  The curiousity it evokes, the mystery and the excitement that inspires images like these.  Ruth Orkins a photojournalist from the 50's was sent by Life to Israel where she then traveled to Italy and in Florence.  With her friend Ninalee Craig she went to the streets and and shot pictures of what it’s really like to be An American in Italy.  Enjoy the discover of travel and on that note always dress the part, if you are going the mile to buy a ticket somewhere why not have fun with it and grasp the essence of the places you experience.  I thought you would enjoy her work.  read more here.

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  1. No kidding! I was reading an article about him a couple of weeks ago where it was shown the girl in the first picture and how she has become.