Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tomàs Saraceno, On space time foam - Hangar Bicocca

Milan - Hangar Bicocca hosts Tomàs Saraceno's ''On space time foam''. He was born in 1973 in Argentina and graduated in Architecture after traveling between Italy and his country. He strated exposing his floating, inflatable structures in 2001 at the Venice Biennale and, since then, he has never stopped working on new installations. 
''On space time foam'' takes inspiration from a concept of quantum mechanics on the origins of the universe distinguished by the idea of extremely fast-moving subatomic particles that can trigger changes in spatiotemporal matter. This is the first inspiration, but he likes to let people interpret his installations according to their own personal sensitivity: it is a device that calls perceptual certainties into question, an element that modifies the architecture containing it, a structure that makes the interrelationships among people and with the space visible, a utopian attempt to overcome the laws of gravity, an observatory. I felt like being in a futuristic primordial space with people looking for themselves. The smell of plastic, the transparent layer separating me from the others, moving like animals looking for balance, looking for an imaginary path to follow to get to an unknown feeling: happiness? fear? vertigo? safety? 

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