Saturday, June 18, 2011

L'amour fou

There are people in our lives that come to us by chance and these chances define our lives.   My mother and I went to go see L'amour Fou, a film about Pierre Berge the man who shared four decades of his life with Yves Saint Laurent.  He reflects uphon their extrodinary life together.  It was framed around a 2009 auction of there art collection and I was so humbled as to his explanation of art being something that together they collected and over 20 years they collected each piece and so it represents their life together and each people coming into their lives by chance.  After seeing this film I am left with an appreciation of the people who come into our lives and the large amount of love we share with each other.  Our lives are about experience and reaction! Going after true beauty and finding the love, the passion, the force!  I highly recommend you seeing this film it will move you and make you realize how amazing their life was together! Beautiful!

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