Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fricote = Food | Street Food | Photo | Design | Cuisine | Graphisme & Bons Plans

So, It happened that I've been attracted by this magazine, but I didn't buy it until a friend of mine suggested it to me. Today I finally found it and I cannot believe my eyes. It is absolutely beautiful. The paper of the cover is a little textured, the pages are just the perfect weight and most of the articles are interesting, refreshing, inspiring, cool, funny, curious. There's also a section where they suggest places where to go eating and even if most of them are in Paris, there's one which is in Vancouver! It is called ''Meat and Bread'', 370 Cambie Street at Victory Square. In the last picture there are some pictured of a market here in Paris and I've actually been served by the guy on the right! I want you to have it! I'll figure out something... It is all about food, but from different points of view. There the packaging section, the photography, the recipes, the cookers... I'm not kidding, you'd love it!

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