Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE MOVIE!  I think this came out a while ago... or perhaps you told me about this but it looks totally interesting and seeing how i am alsways typography keen this is like my movie! haha Have you seen it? Do you have a favourite font?  What do you think of the art of letters and numbers and shapes haha? I get flustered just thinking about courier and georgia, sometimes the simple things in life bring the most pleasure! 

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  1. Is it a short movie? I think I saw it!
    I'm in love with typography! This year I'm working a lot with graphic and I've been discovering beautiful fonts! I try to change fonts for my presentations, but I do have some favourites.
    Other that the classic ones (Courier new, Helvetica, Georgia, Myriad pro, Century, light Impact...) some lovely fonts I found are:
    Adelle (mostly light or medium and italic)
    ITC Clearface
    Letter Gothic Std (capitol letters, light are the best, if italic even better)