Monday, September 13, 2010

Please, take a seat!  Class is about to begin!  

I went to my friend Meg's Architecture class the other day.  AKA Me pretending to be a student at Mcgill haha.  Anywho it was a very interesting class on design of homes and their relationship with public spaces.  We mostly focused on single dwellings, duplexes and triplex family homes.  How the backyard places a role, the porch, the steps going into the home... all these aspects are important to the interaction with people.  I think its just another point in case how we are more drown to the outside work but still want that connection to the 'phone ringing' inside our space.  We want the security of our home but the desire to know/observe our neighbors.  Kinda interesting!  

(in terms of taking a seat... this chair was far from the class room furnature.  I fact this is the e15 Houdini by Stefan Diez.  No nails or screws. )

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