Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Portraits of Interiors

Stratis Vogiatzis is a photographer who has chosen to use the home interior as a subject of presence of people in spaces that have been abandoned.  The greek Island of Chios where the artist is from was abandoned in 1821 when when the Turks landed and their troops slaughtered and killed the people.   The big earth quake 60 years alte resulted in the Island becoming totally abandoned. As Stratis Vogiatzis says “I could still feel the people, their presence and their stories which were crammed into the corners of every room and even though the people were absent, they declared their presence in an intense and at the same time mystical way”. There is an erotic relationship between objects and time. Most of the times that Stratos tried to move objects in order to achieve the best possible photographic results, he ended up to their original place in their perfect, almost primordial order.  He took most of these images from the abandoned village where he lived, a journey into his inner world of memories! Beautifully captured portraits!

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