Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wow! So this is the worlds most expensive building ever built!  Talk about an architectural statement of our time!  The inspiration and theme for this piece is described by Safdie "The development is inspired by great ancient cities that were ordered around a vital public thoroughfare, Marina Bay Sands is organized around two principal axes that cross the district and give it a sense of orientation placing emphasis on the pedestrian street as the focus of civic life.  In other words, the design “weaves” the components of an intricate program into a dynamic urban crossroad for a vibrant city life!" 
Its located in Singapore and cost $5 billion!  The Marina Bay Sands Hotel not only has, get this..2,560 ROOMS,  a museum shaped like a lotus flower but it also has 150 meter infinity pool! How extravagant is this!  WOWZA!

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