Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bang by Marc Jacobs

I really like this commercial and, even if it's not my style, I like the concept of the packaging. I don't really like this cologne though...I had it on a carton for an hour and I kept smelling it, but It didn't click. I'd dare say the picture is by Jurgen Teller, like most of Marc Jacobs' commercials. Enjoy!

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  1. I went to the marc jacobs and spritzed a little on my wraist. I actually strongly didnt like this scent. I felt it was overpowering in a way that screams look look GOD DAMN IT LOOK AT ME! Perfume should be more of a whisper, a raised eyebrow, a shadow... that to me makes a great statement scent. Wicked packaging/ad! I actually read an article that mr.jacobs was shooting and trying to figure out what he felt most sexy in and was wearing a white shirt and jeans then Juergen Teller was like... take it all off! You look great so take it off! haha