Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh dear!

So I greatly believe in love at first sight, however when it comes to love at retail first site sometimes you have to think twice.   A couple weeks ago i was on my route home when i glanced to a my left and in the store front window was the jumper!  I leaped off my bike and dashed into the boutique!  It fit perfectly, i felt great, I felt like i was in love!  But this was no cheap date... this was an item i would put on hold for a couple days and think about!  So after trying to avoid the shop completely and taking an ulternate route home... i realized the feelings were real and i had to make the move!  So I bought it and have been over the moon ever since!  What do you think?  Karen Walker is a New Zealand designer that does great garments and has an awesome eyewear collection!  I have to avoid her at all costs... Im falling head over heels for her!

(its the navy blue jumper!)

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